Magician to Fire/Posion Mage Guide

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Magician to Fire/Posion Mage Guide

Post  UltKirby on Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:23 pm

Made By:ultkirby

Why become a Fire/Poison wiz/mage?
You have one of the strogest atk out of the 2nd job advcment and get good exp with other f/p wiz.

Where can I become one?
As you read this guide you'll know how to be a perfect Fire/Poison wiz/mage.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

a. Stat Build
b. Skill Build (Beginner Skill)
c. Training

II. Becoming A Magician

a. Getting to Grendel
b. Stat Build
c. Skill Build
d. Training

III. Becoming a Fire/Poison wiz

a. Completing your 2nd Job Advancement
b. Skill Build
c. Training

IV. Becoming A Mage

a. Completing your 3rd Job Advancement
b. Skill Build
c. Training

V. After Lvl 120


I. Introduction

a. Stat Build
So you want to become a Fire/Poison wiz....well ull be stronger than the other jobs. Before starting you should know by now that you have a certain stat build.
When you roll the dice try to get 4/5 DEX, 4/5 STR. For LCK you might want to try to roll it until it's 3+ your lvl, so your luck should be 4. INT, obviously, you need a lot of points in it if you want to be strong as a 1st Jobber. One Last thing before going, each time you lvl you should put in +4 INT and +1 Luck. Therefore, your INT should be high as possible and your LCK should be +3 your lvl.

b. Skill Build (Beginner Skill)
The following skill below are the ones you will be putting your SP in for the next 7 lvls.

Three Snails: Hurls snail shell to attack monsters from long distance.
[TIP: I recommend that max this you, because if you chose to do quest on maple island then this will help you in collecting and/or killing orange mushroom.]

Recovery: Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 seconds.
[TIP: Highly recommended since mages have weak defense at the beginning.]

Nimble Feet: Enables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time.
[TIP: Not really needed since speed has no affect on mages.]

So this is the recommended skill build if you do not agree then build your own...

Lvl Skill
2: +1 recovery
3: +1 recovery
4: +1 recovery (maxed)
5: +1 three snail
6: +1 three snail
7: +1 three snail (maxed)

c. Training
Since your still on maple island you'll only need to train to lvl 8 or lvl 7 with 78%. I recommend to do all the quest and train on blue snail since they have moderated HP and good experience.

II. Becoming a Magician
a. Getting to Grendel
By paying 150 meso to get off of maple island, you'll end up in Lith Harbor. When you get there talk to Olaf, the viking man, he'll ask you simple question like the quiz on maple island. Choose magician(obviously) and he'll tell you that you will need to see Grendel in Ellinia at lvl 8 with atleast 20 INT. Either somehow you got the money and got to Ellinia or you just walked there, Grendel will be in a house on the very top of the map of Ellinia. Talk to him you'll receive exp (NOTE: If you came out of maple island at lvl 7 with 78%, then you should lvl by now) and your job as a magician.

b. Stat Build
The stat build goes the same way as you did awhile ago. Each time you lvl you distribute 4 into INT and 1 in LCK, and your LCK should be above you're lvl by 3.

c. Skill Build
The following skills below will give you an idea of what a mage is like and how to raise those skills....

Improve MP Recovery: With this, you'll recover even more MP every 10 second.

Improving Max MP Increase: While having a Level UP, if AP is used on Max MP, it raises the level of increase for Max MP.

Magic Guard: Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

Magic Armor: Temporarily boosts the weapon defense by blowing magic into the armor.

Energy Bolt: Use MP to attack one enemy.

Magic Claw: Use Mp to attack an enemy twice.

Basic Skill Build

Level 8: +1 Energy Bolt
Level 9: +3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: +2 Improving MP Recovery, +1 Improving MaxMP Increase
Level 11-13: +3 Improving MaxMP Increase
Level 14-19: +3 Magic Claw
Level 20: +2 Magic Claw, +1 Improving MP Recovery
Level 21-23: +3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 24: +1 Improving MP Recovery, +2 Magic Guard
Level 25-30: +3 Magic Guard

All should be max except energy bolt[1] and magic armor[0].

d. Training

Level 8-15: Slimes, Stumps, Mushrooms, Orange Mushrooms, Pigs or Henesy PQ.
Level 16-25: Henesy PQ, Kerning PQ(lvl 21-30), Green Mushroom, Bubblings, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs.
Level 26-30: Kerning PQ, Horned Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms, Green Mushroom, Wild Boar, Stirge [Kerning City subway].

III. How to become a Fire/Posion wiz:

Gratz!!! all of ur hard work will be soon paid off.You have to be lvl 30 to make the job advancment.Once you are lvl 30 u go and talk to Grandel the great and he'll give u a quest to go to the forest(top portal of ellinia) and go look for 2nd job wizard admin at the very top.
he will give u a quest to get a 30 Dark marbles from cursed eyed lizards in a tree .They are harder than the original cursed eyes lizards so becarful.I suggest u stock up on mp and hp pots before u go in.once u get the marbles u can leave out of the tree and u talk to the wizard admin and then he gives u a document.You take the document to Grendal the great and he tells u the paths of the cleric,i/l wiz, or f/p wiz.And u click on F/P wiz
and there u go u have become an official f/p wiz.

a. Cons & Pros of the fire/posion wiz:

-Fire/posion wiz have decent atk especially Fire arrow, it is the most strongest atk out of the other 2 job advancments.Fire arrow does 1.5x times the original magic atk on ice based monsters, and is the saem with fire type except decreasing atk.
-Going pure Fire build can be very terrifying yet feel lots of power, you can pwn any monster and kill it instantly with one shot once half way maxed or maxed.And haveing meditate will give u even more power.
-Posion has its own advantage too, it can be very useful against any monster asideing posion based monsters when faceing a posion type monster the posioning rate lowers and mite not do any dmg at all,posion brace has its advantage of posioning its foe.
-constantly losing hp, it may not be the strongest atk but if you go pure posion build u can lvl up faster b/c u can posion higher lvl monsters without haveing to use much mp.
-It is best to be in a party with other f/p wiz the exp is not to bad.


-Once u get the job advancment u will have a hard time trying to lvl up once u get to lvl 35 it will be much easier.
-Fire arrow gets blocked by terrain.posion brace is weak at beggining
-usualy ppl start to get bored of thier f/p wiz cus are usualy hard to lvl
-have no mobbing skills.

b. Skills For F/P Wiz:

MP Eater:
Soak up an enemy's MP after every magic attack. But if its MP reaches 0, no more.this will be very useful
for getting most of your mp back.

Meditation :
Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack of party members around the area. this can be vry usful for any fire/poison wiz through thier 2nd job adv.

Teleport :
Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance. The higher the skill level, the less MP you spend.this can be helpful for ksing.

Temporarily slows down the opponents around you. Can't use it on them twice at once, and affects only 6 enemies per attack. slow isnt realy necassary useful it doesnt help much for fire builds but for posion build its very usful.

Fire Arrow :
Create a fire arrow with the power of magic, and fires at an enemy. Applies 1.5 times the damage to the ice-based monsters, whereas fire-based enemies receive only half the damage. Fire arrow is the strongest atk out of athe three job advncemts but its one second off cast.

Poison Breath :
Create a poisonous water bubble, and shoots at an enemy. The enemy gets temporarily poisoned with a set success rate. Once poisoned, the HP slowly decreases.this is very useful for lvling up faster and killing higher lvl monsters.

Skills Builds:

Let's start with the fire arrow build

30 1 Teleport
31 3 Fire Arrow
32 3 Fire Arrow
33 3 Fire Arrow
34 3 Fire Arrow
35 3 Fire Arrow
36 3 Fire Arrow
37 3 Fire Arrow
38 3 Fire Arrow
39 3 Fire Arrow
40 3 Fire Arrow(Fire Arrow Maxed)
41 3 Mp Eater
42 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
43 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
44 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
45 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
46 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
47 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
48 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
49 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
50 2 Meditation 1 Mp Eater
51 2 Meditation(Meditation Maxed) 1 Mp Eater
52 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
53 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
54 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
55 1 Mp Eater(Mp eater maxed) 2 Teleport
56 2 Teleport 1 slow
57 2 Teleport 1 slow
58 2 Teleport 1 slow
59 2 Teleport 1 slow
60 2 Teleport 1 slow
61 2 Teleport 1 slow
62 2 Teleport(teleport maxed) 1 slow
63 3 slow
64 3 slow
65 3 slow
66 3 slow
67 2 slow(slow maxed) 1 posion brace
68 3 poison brace
69 3 poison brace
70 3 poison brace

By the end of 2nd job we have:

30 Fire arrow
20 Meditaion
20 Mp Eater
20 Teleport
20 Slow
10 Posion brace

Poison build:
30 1 Teleport
31 3 Poison breath
32 3 Poison breath
33 3 Poison breath
34 3 Poison breath
35 3 Poison breath
36 3 Poison breath
37 3 Poison breath
38 3 Poison breath
39 3 Poison breath
40 3 Poison breath(posion breath Maxed)
41 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
42 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
43 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
44 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
45 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
46 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
47 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
48 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
49 2 slow 1 Mp Eater
50 2 slow(slow maxed) 1 Mp Eater
51 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
52 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
53 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
54 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
55 2 Mp Eater 1 Teleport
56 2 teleport 1 meditaion
57 2 teleport 1 meditaion
58 2 teleport 1 meditaion
59 2 teleport 1 meditaion
60 2 teleport 1 meditaion
61 2 teleport 1 meditaion
62 2 Teleport(teleport maxed) 1 Meditation
63 3 Meditaion
64 3 Meditaion
65 3 Meditaion
66 3 Meditaion
67 1 Meditaion 1 Fire arrow
68 3 Fire arrow
69 3 Fire arrow
70 3 Fire Arrow

By the end of 2nd job we have:

30 Posion Brace
20 Slow
20 MP Eater
20 Teleport
20 Meditation
10 Fire Arrow

Fire/Poison mixed build:

30 1Teleport
31 3 Fire Arrow
32 3 Fire Arrow
33 3 Fire Arrow
34 3 Fire Arrow
35 3 Fire Arrow
36 3 Fire Arrow
37 3 Fire Arrow
38 3 Fire Arrow
39 3 Fire Arrow
40 3 Fire Arrow(Fire Arrow maxed)
41 3 Poison breath
42 3 Poison breath
43 3 Poison breath
44 3 Poison breath
45 3 Poison breath
46 3 Poison breath
47 3 Poison breath
48 3 Poison breath
49 3 Poison breath
50 3 Poison breath(Poison breath maxed)
51 3 Meditate
52 3 Meditate
53 3 Meditate
54 3 Meditate
55 3 Meditate
56 3 Meditate
57 2 Meditate(Meditate maxed) 1 Mp Eater
58 3 Mp Eater
59 3 Mp Eater
60 3 Mp Eater
61 3 Mp Eater
62 3 Mp Eater
63 3 Mp Eater
64 1 Mp Eater(Mp Eater maxed) 2 Teleport
65 3 Teleport
66 3 Teleport
67 3 Teleport
68 3 Teleport
69 3 Teleport
70 3 Teleport (Teleport maxed)

By the end of the 2nd job we have:

30 Fire Arrow
30 Poison Breath
20 Meditation
20 Mp Eater
20 Teleport
0 slow

c. Training Grounds:

30-35: Ant Tunnel is your best bet
36-43: Jr. Grupins, Jr. Wraiths
44-50: Jr. Pepes
51-55: Jr. Yetis, Grupins
56-60: Grupins
61-70: Grupins, White Pangs, Pepes[img][/img][img][img][/img]

IV. Becomeing a Mage.

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